A Druid, A Santera, A Witch, and A Gypsy all walk into a Café…. No, it’s not the start of a bad joke, this is actually how The Four of Cups Podcast got its start. Four friends of four different spiritual paths decided to open their coffee (and Tea) conversations to the public. Differences can be intriguing, and these four friends are about as different as they get. With each personality bringing a unique perspective to the table, where they openly discuss everything from spirituality, religion and Magic(k), to what the best beverage is (coffee of course).

The Four of Cups Podcast is a bi-weekly organic round table radio show that follows no script or planned focus. Join Rick Silfies-Potter (the Druid), Rev Bea (the Santera), E. Massey (the Witch), and James Pierri (the Gypsy) as they sit before a microphone to joke, debate, and explore a new subject every episode. The Four of Cups Podcast, really is like listening in on a conversation at a local café. With special guests and pop-up shows, The Four of Cups Podcast not only entertains, but educates. Listeners will laugh, get riled up (they like controversy), learn a thing or two and come to discover that being different makes the world a better place....and no matter how different we are on the outside, we are more alike on the inside than we realize.

The Four of Cups Podcast
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