4 Of Cups Episode 7 - The Mercury Retrograde & Christopher Penczak Show

July 10, 2019 @ 10:35 pm

Mercury retrograde hit hard! all of the casts elaborate and sophisticated equipment failed and the crew had to relay on peddling water wheels and 20th century basics to get this show going. it a very desperate attempt to get guest Cup Christopher Penczak into your ears, homes and hearts. A little bit of magic worked and things got up and running.

in this episode Christopher Penczak lets down his lustrous flowing hair and gets real with the Cups. we laugh, we talk, we sometimes even had awkward silence. All in all it was a Gay(Witchcraft) Ol' time. Christopher shares some secrets of what he does in his spare time when not writing books, organizing events like WitchFest, gardening and administrative work to keep The temple of Witchcraft going. He also moved to Vermont, well according to James he did. ( he didn't really, he lives in N E W H A M P S H I R E) 

The Cups talk about astrological significance in magical work, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde and Chris adds to the heated conversations making for a complete picture.

Guilty personal indulgences are revealed, like James affliction for Hallmark Channels GoodWitch, Bea gets all Fan Girl over Hecate, Eddie scoffs astrological timing and Rick just won"t stop talking ....

why are you still reading this, tune in, download and start listening. We're waiting....

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