4 Of Cups episode 5- Just The Gang This Week

June 5, 2019 @ 10:55 pm

In this controversial episode of 4 Of Cups the witchy gang tackle:

The Misuse of the key of Solomon when a listener decided to perform a public exorcism via FaceBook Posts and how appreciative The Gang was for the sentiment. Thus exploding into this episodes subject matter!

But wait there's more!

Also covered is racism, conservatism (since its Gay Pride month )and Homosexuality in

Neo-Pagan & Wiccan communities. 

We were interrupted by an imporatnt phone call, Bea's HOO-HA'S and Eddies nose.

As usual The Gang was hyped up on copious amounts of coffee and 50 cent words.

we hope you enjoy the show, so press play, kick back, sip your beverage and get lost in the shenanigas....


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